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Bird exclusion can be done humanely and effectively with bird netting. Given the significant bird problem in many regions today, bird netting can be utilised to protect all kinds of objects, openings, and structures. They find suitable nesting areas on the pipes and parapets inside the building and have easy access to open balconies, grills and plumbing ducts. They build nests and put their eggs there. Inside the primes, there is a significant problem with bird droppings that is difficult to clean and has an awful odour. The enormous number of maggots and other insects in the building’s surroundings is due to the many birds that perish in the ducts. Birds that nest on top of air conditioners release a specific sort of fungus that can lead to lung diseases. To eliminate this threat from birds without harming or killing them, we have created a customised bird net.
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Product Details:

Yarn Breaking StrengthApprox 23.08 Kg
Heat temperature72 deg C
Length10-15 meter
Using life2-5 Years
We are able to offer a variety of Bird Protection Netting thanks to the expertise of our experienced team of professionals.
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